About HPL

Corporate Value

We consider that our staff as our most valuable asset and will at all times treat them accordingly.

We seek to be truthful and transparent. We will act honestly in handling property, goods and money, respect others and show responsibility in fulfilling our duties. We honor our agreements.

We strive to treat fairly our staff, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We expect any negotiation or transaction to be conducted in a manner such that the result is considered by both (all) parties to have created an all round “Win-Win” situation.

Professional Competence
We wish to excel in our work and to improve our competence. We work to achieve demonstrable results.

We are committed to the daily task of training staff and to passing on our skills and know how.

We are committed to enabling people to share in the processes of making decisions that affect them; working together within and beyond the company. We seek to deal with issues in an open and positive manner.

We seek to identify with people, their needs and aspirations, sharing our time and capabilities within and beyond the company.

We value the conservation, management and enhancement of the environment.

Cultural Awareness
We seek to live and work in ways that are culturally appropriate in Nepal – a nation that has a rich diversity of culture and tradition