Jhankre Rural Electrification Project (JREDP)

HPL has carried out rural electrification as well as rural development work under Jhankre Rural Electrification and Development Project (JREDP).

The main objective of JREDP was to improve the quality of life of rural people within the project area by extending the existing rural electrification and development activities for the project period. Upon completion of JREDP the following was achieved:

  • Access to clean energy for 4,160 households
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of 630KW Jhankre Mini Hydropower plant
  • 66 SMEs were established
  • 35,000 people from the project area and adjacent locations directly benefited from construction of basic infrastructures such as toilets/biogas plants, water supply and irrigation schemes, schools and trails, roads and bridges
  • 151 women and 47 youths received skill enhancement trainings and have access to alternative income generation sources
  • Awareness increased among the minority population through informal literacy programs
  • Local markets developed with the help of improved road access
  • Establishment and institutional development of an electric cooperative (KREC)