Medical Facilities

HPL has established a fully equipped medical clinic including a new ambulance in its compound at Kirne village in Dolakha district. The clinic is run by Dhulikhel Hospital as one of its outreach centers. The clinic at Kirne is the largest outreach center of Dhulikhel Hospital.

Statistics show that 96% of the patients are from the local populace. The clinic also supports GON’s special vaccination programmes such as polio and DOTS.

HPL also has a dispensary at its intake located at Palati in Ramechhap district. The dispensary is providing medical facilities not only to HPL staff but also locals in the vicinity.

HPL has also established a medical care fund which supports and finances patients who are incapable of paying ambulance charges and medical bills. However, the patients must be verified by local VDC officials.


  • Ambulance Service