Sustainable Poverty Reduction Nepal (SPRN)

Most of the community development works such as rural electrification, irrigation and school supports are now complete. Regular maintenance of this infrastructure is still ongoing. Fish monitoring, as a part of Khimti River ecology study, is about to be completed and is showing positive results. Additionally, there is the Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Nepal (SPRN) – a fish farming project that aims to conduct fish farming at the tail waters of the Khimti plant.

The project is aimed at entailing a part of the fish mitigation work downstream of the Palati Intake and will compare the distribution and biology of fish species in river habitats with green hydropower production to that part of the river where migration is disturbed by diversion weirs and develop and apply low cost techniques for production of important coldwater fish species in the tail water of Khimti for poverty alleviation of local areas.