GM’s Desk

16th Commercial Operation day Message from the GM : 11 July 2016

Sandip_20160808-2 ppppToday is a very special day in the history of Himal Power Ltd. At the stroke of midnight July 10/11, we have completed 16 successful years of commercial operation. On behalf of the Board and on my own behalf, I congratulate all of you for successful management and O&M of the Plant and another very productive year. We are all proud of our achievements and I would like to thank you for your contributions at an individual and at a group level. Our operations have been world-class and we need to continue the drive towards operational excellence. Despite the difficult circumstances last year caused by the major earthquakes followed by the economic blockade, you all have stood firmly to your tasks and responded to the call of duty even during personally challenging times. This is much appreciated and recognized.

At this point of time, I would like to remind you of the importance of the Performance Improvement Program that our major shareholder Statkraft has undertaken at a group level and that we are adopting at HPL. Increased cost focus, improving cost efficiency and thinking out-of-the-box to maximize revenue are some of the mantras that we all will have to imbibe during the next 18 months. As mentioned, I look forward to all of you participating actively in this program and delivering on at least one activity that will lead towards overall performance improvement.

The Board and I fully understand the high anxiety levels that all staffs have as we approach the important milestone of 2020 when the current PPA expires and there is change in ownership interest in the Khimti Plant. I can mention that Statkraft and HPL’s senior management are working diligently towards finding solutions on a number of strategic issues that will ensure a smooth transition in 2020 and justify long-term presence of our current owners in the Khimti Plant. Please rest assured that we will keep you adequately informed and request your cooperation in maintaining a harmonious working environment in the days to come.

Once again, I congratulate you all for 16 years of successful operation, and wish you all the best for further excellence in the years to come!