Himal Power offers free energy from Khimti to NEA News | September 16, 2014

Himal Power Ltd. has decided to offer free power to help mitigate the acute shortage of power following a massive landslide in the region near Khimti.

The support offered to the Government of Nepal was announced by HPL’s chair Ms. Tima Iyer Utne, last week. Following the Board decision the 60 MW Khimti power plant will be run to its maximum capacity for the last three months of the wet season and thus contribute an additional estimated free excess energy of about 8 GWh this year.

This energy will be supplied free of charge in order to help Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) reduce the load-shedding hours, especially during the festive season, and it will come in addition to the approximately 87 GWh of free power that Himal Power has been providing to the national grid to date.