Inauguration of Khimti-Dhalkebar 220kV Transmission Line

Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) on Thursday, 2nd February 2017 inaugurated the 220 kV Khimti Dhalkebar transmission line amidst a function organized by NEA at Himal Power Limited’s power plant site at Kirne Dolakha. The program was attended by the Energy Minister Janardan Sharma (Prabhakar) NEA MD Kulman Ghising and other high level political leaders from the project area.

Khimti-Dhalkebar 220kV transmission line was studied in 1995 but the funding arrangement started only in 2005. The 74km double circuit transmission line is capable of transporting 800MW although its thermal rating is 1100MVA. The transmission line planned for completion in 2009 went through tremendous difficulties and took over a decade to complete. The total cost of the project by completion is 19.5 million US Dollar.

HPL’s Khimti I Hydropower Plant was instrumental in working together with the NEA technicians, provide space for bay extension for control room etc. thus being able to synchronize the line. Today the power flow from Khimti supports the voltage build up in industrial corridor Birgunj which was notoriously famous for low voltage. The supply from India has alleviated load shedding in many parts of Nepal including the capital Kathmandu.

NEA expressively appreciated the supporting role of HPL for NEA’s mission to eliminate load shedding amidst the function. HPL General Manager and Deputy General Manager including all employees at the site participated in the inauguration event.




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