Workshop on River Basin Planning and Cascade Operating Agreement

Over the years there has been steady development of large and small hydropower projects along different river basins in Nepal, however, little is done to coordinate project development activities from construction to operation. As a consequence, projects downstream most of the time will face such impact as sediment flushing, sudden up-surge of water and non-optimal capacity installation.
Viewing this need Independent Power Producers’ Association Nepal (IPPAN) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) jointly organized a workshop on River Basin Planning and Cascade Operating Agreement in Nagarkot, Bhaktapur Nepal on 28-29 July 2016.
Governmental officials from WECS and DoED made presentation on on-going river basin planning work and International expert made presentation on international experiences in cascade operating agreement. Mr. Ashish Subedi, HPL consultant made presentation on impact of upstream project on Khimti I power plant as a case study. HPL, General Manager Dr. Sandip Shah, Plant Manager Ishwar Man Deshar, Operation Manager Shyam Bhatta, Headworks Operation Manager Jhabindra Gyawali were present in this residential workshop. Mr. Khadga Bisht, was present as the President of IPPAN.

HPL has already initiated a Basin Operating Coordination discussion with the upstream projects which will be coordinated by the Khimti I Plant Manager.