High Flood and Damages near Khimti Besi

A huge flood with debris flow occurred on 15th July 2017 in a small stream (Chhatiwane Khola) a tributary of Khimti river in the middle of the night. A bridge was built over this stream through which HPL’s vehicle and local transport use to ply from Khimti Besi to intake site at Palati and the nearby villages.

During the site visit the following were noted:

  • Heavy debris flow in the Chhatiwane Khola after for about 3-4 hours of continuous rainfall during the night. The bridge on Chhatiwane Khola is taken way.
  • the debris must have made a barrier on Khimti and and the further breach of that barrier caused lots of damages along the downstream of the confluence of Chhatiwane – Khimti river
  • It was learned that two dead bodies were recovered and five people were still missing, nine people were injured some of them severely.
  • The injured were already air-lifted by Helicopter

The Khimti Betali road was totally cut off which is under repair now.

Four of the downstream canals built under obligation of HPL’s mitigation are damaged.


HPL as part of mitigation and community support approved a project of around US$8,500 to the irrigation system. there are other voluntary support from staff. Government of Nepal has also supported the victims through district office.